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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Production of 2,3-butanediol from glucose and cassava hydrolysates by metabolically engineered industrial polyploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strains Genotype Reference
4-JHS200 JHS200, ura3Δ trp1Δ his3Δ leu2Δ [19]
4-PDC1d 4-JHS200, pdc1Δ In this study
4-PDC5d 4-JHS200, pdc5Δ In this study
4-PDC6d 4-JHS200, pdc6Δ In this study
4-PDC16d 4-JHS200, pdc1Δ pdc6Δ In this study
4-PDC56d 4-JHS200, pdc5Δ pdc6Δ In this study
YG01 4-PDC16d, Δadh1::TDH3prom-Llnox-CYC1term In this study
YG01_SDB YG01, p413_SDB In this study
YG01_SDBN YG01, p413_SDB, p426TDH3_Llnox In this study
YG02 4-PDC56d, Δadh1::TDH3prom-Llnox-CYC1term In this study
YG02_SDB YG02, p413_SDB In this study
Plasmids Description Reference
Cas9_Aur p414-TEF1p-Cas9-CYC1t, modified Cas9 expression plasmid [19]
pRS42H Backbone plasmid for constructing guideRNA plasmids [40]
gRNA_dPDC1 pRS42H harboring PDC1 disruption gRNA cassette In this study
gRNA_dPDC5 pRS42H harboring PDC5 disruption gRNA cassette In this study
gRNA_dPDC6 pRS42H harboring PDC6 disruption gRNA cassette In this study
gRNA_dADH1 pRS42H harboring ADH1 disruption gRNA cassette In this study
p413_SDB 2,3-BDO biosynthesis pathway (plasmid p413 harboring alsS, alsD, BDH1) [28]
p426TDH3_Llnox p426TDH3 harboring noxE gene from L. lactis and template of NADH oxidase expression cassette