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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Modular pathway engineering of key precursor supply pathways for lacto-N-neotetraose production in Bacillus subtilis

Names Characteristics References
 BS168comK B. subtilis 168 derivate, PxylA-comK This work
 BY01 BS168comK derivate, ΔamyE::P43-lacY This work
 BY02 BY01 derivate, P43-lgtA, P43-lgtB This work
 BY03 BY01 derivate/pP43NMK-lgtA-lgtB This work
 BY04 BY01 derivate, P43-lgtB/pP43NMK-lgtA This work
 BY05 BY04 derivate, P43-lgtB This work
 BY06 BY05 derivate, P43-lgtB This work
 BY07 BY06 derivate, P43-lgtB This work
 BY08 BY06 derivate, P43-pgi This work
 BY09 BY06 derivate, P43-glmS This work
 BY10 BY06 derivate, P43-glmM This work
 BY11 BY06 derivate, P43-glmU This work
 BY12 BY06 derivate, ΔnagBAΔnagBB::lox72 This work
 BY13 BY04 derivate, P43-pgi This work
 BY14 BY04 derivate, P43-pgcA This work
 BY15 BY04 derivate, P43-gtaB This work
 BY16 BY04 derivate, ΔtuaD This work
 BY17 BY04 derivate, P43-galE This work
 BY18 BY06 derivate, P43-pgi, P43-gtaB This work
 BY19 BY18 derivate, P43-glmS This work
 BY20 BY19 derivate, P43-glmM This work
 BY21 BY20 derivate, ΔnagBAΔnagBB::lox72 This work
 BY22 BY18 derivate, P43-galE This work
 BY23 BY19 derivate, P43-galE This work
 BY24 BY20 derivate, P43-galE This work
 BY25 BY21 derivate, P43-galE This work
 BY26 BY22 derivate, ΔtuaD::lox72 This work
 BY27 BY23 derivate, ΔtuaD::lox72 This work
 BY28 BY24 derivate, ΔtuaD::lox72 This work
 BY29 BY25 derivate, ΔtuaD::lox72 This work
 BY30 BY26 derivate, P43-pgcA This work
 BY31 BY27 derivate, P43-pgcA This work
 BY32 BY28 derivate, P43-pgcA This work
 BY33 BY29 derivate, P43-pgcA This work
 pDG-Cre Kmr, Ampr, temperature sensitive in B. subtilis [15]
 p7Z6 pMD18-T containing lox71-zeo-lox66 cassette [15]
pMD18-T containing lox71-spc-lox66 cassette
pMD18-T containing lox71-cm-lox66 cassette
 p7Z6P43 p7Z6 containing P43 promoter [22]
 p7C6P43 p7C6 containing P43 promoter [22]
 p7S6P43 p7S6 containing P43 promoter [22]
 pP43-lgtA-lgtB pP43NMK derivate with lgtA and lgtB cloned This work
 pP43-lgtA pP43NMK derivate with lgtA cloned This work