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Fig. 4

From: Identification of candidate genes controlling oil content by combination of genome-wide association and transcriptome analysis in the oilseed crop Brassica napus

Fig. 4

Seed oil content, protein content and fatty acid (FA) composition of HO and LO Brassica napus accessions for RNA-Seq. a Three years (2016–2018) seed oil content (% of dry seed weight), protein content (% of dry seed weight) and weight/1000 dry seeds of three accessions. b Percentage of fatty acid species in 30SM and 30SB of three accessions (n = 4), 30SM and 30SB represent seeds on the main inflorescence and primary branch of 30 days after flowering, respectively. c FA composition in mature seeds of three accessions (mean ± SD, n = 4). CQ46 (Ningyou 12), CQ24 (SWU 47) and CQ52 (Zhongshuang 11) are accessions for RNA-Seq.*Denotes significance at P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, based on Student’s t test

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