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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: Xylose utilization stimulates mitochondrial production of isobutanol and 2-methyl-1-butanol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain Description Genotype Source
Y58 Xylose-utilizing strain, H145E10-XYLA3-1, derived from H131-A3CS (BF264-15Dau background), and then evolved MATa, leu2-3, 112, URA3, trp1-1∆::(PTDH3-RKI1-TCYC1, PTDH3-RPE1-TCYC1, TRP1), his2∆::(PTDH3-TKL1-TCYC1, HIS2), ade1∆::(PTDH3-PsTAL1-TCYC1, ADE1), ChVI::(PTDH3-PsXYL3-TCYC1, 32 copies of PTDH3-PsXYLA-TCYC1), arg4∆::(GRE3E193K, ARG4) [19, 26]
YZy165 Y58, δ-IbOH pathway Y58 (δ-integration-ILV2, ILV5, ILV3, CoxIVMLSARO10, CoxIVMLSLlAdhARE1) This study
YZy171 δ-IbOH pathway, bat1Δ, ald6Δ, pho13Δ, ura3Δ YZy181 ura3-K134stop This study
YZy173 δ-IbOH pathway, bat1Δ YZy165 bat1Δ::hphMX This study
YZy176 bat1Δ, ald6Δ, pho13Δ, ura3Δ Y58 bat1Δ::hphMX, ald6Δ::kanMX, pho13Δ::natMX, uar3-K134stop. This study
YZy177 δ-IbOH pathway, bat1Δ, pho13Δ YZy165 bat1Δ::hphMX, pho13Δ::natMX This study
YZy178 δ-IbOH pathway, pho13Δ YZy165 pho13Δ::natMX This study
YZy181 δ-IbOH pathway, bat1Δ, ald6Δ, pho13Δ YZy165 bat1Δ::hphMX, ald6Δ::kanMX, pho13Δ::natMX This study
YZy182 δ-IbOH pathway, ald6Δ, pho13Δ YZy165 ald6Δ::kanMX, pho13Δ::natMX This study
YZy183 δ-IbOH pathway, ald6Δ YZy165 ald6Δ::kanMX This study
YZy184 δ-IbOH pathway, bat1Δ, ald6Δ YZy165 bat1Δ::hphMX, ald6Δ::kanMX This study
YZy197 YZy171, pJA180 YZy171 (2μ-ILVs + CoxIVMLSLlKivd + CoxIVMLSLlAdhARE1) This study
YZy199 YZy171 (2µ_URA3_vector) YZy171, pRS426 This study