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Table 3 Comparison of different strategies used for oil production by oleaginous yeasts using glucose as a C-source

From: Simultaneous lipid biosynthesis and recovery for oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica

Strain Culture conditions Oil productivity (g L−1 h−1) Oil yield (goil/gglucose consumed) References
Rhodosporidium toruloides DSMZ 4444 Batch fermentation—N limiting; pO2 controlled (with 50% air saturation) 0.15 0.15 [39]
Saccharomyces cerevisiae E Systematic engineering in S. cerevisiae for enhanced free fatty acids production; fed-batch addition of glucose to a minimal media 0.104a 0.23a [40]
Y. lipolytica W29 (ATCC20460)E Metabolic flux pulling and in situ addition of 15% (v/v) dodecane at shake flask scale 0.14a 0.20 [15]
Rhodosporidium toruloides DSMZ 4444A Cultivation in NaCl-enriched glucose-based media for yeast adaptation 0.075a 0.21 [41]
Rhodosporidium toruloides A Shake flask culturing for 96 h; Strain adapted by successive cultivations in increasing concentrations of SCBH 0.106 ± 0.005 0.20 [42]
Rhodosporidium toruloides A29 Fed-batch glucose addition to an optimized media to maintain C/N 0.26a 0.147a [43]
Yarrowia lipolytica NCIM 3590 Two-stage fermentation with 5% glucose as sole carbon and nutrient source 0.066a 0.15 ± 0.02 [17]
Yarrowia lipolytica Y-4311E Batch cultivation in shaking tubes with 7.5% (v/v) dodecane 0.019a 0.25a [29]
Lipomyces starkeyi NBRC10381 10% Glucose in nitrogen-limited mineral medium with high inoculum size 0.28a 0.20a [44]
Trichosporon. oleaginosus ATCC 20509 Fermentation with Excess O2 in a media with C/N 75.3 0.14 ± 0.03 0.21 [45]
Yarrowia lipolytica ADgm-hiE Engineered cytosolic redox metabolism; Cultured in a high density fed-batch fermentation 1.3 0.269 [46]
Cryptococcus curvatus MUCL 29819 Pre-culture followed by batch fermentation with 4% glucose as a sole carbon/nutrient source 0.024a 0.088 [13]
Cutaneotrichosporon oleaginosus (ATCC 20509) Sole glucose batch fermentation; in situ enzymatic cell wall hydrolysis for intracellular oil recovery 0.09 nd [47]
Lipomyces starkeyi Ls-D35 strain Lipid production under low C/N ratio (17.9) by high cell density cultivation nd 0.13 [48]
Yarrowia lipolytica E26E1 Batch fermentation with 16% glucose in minimal medium followed by Switchable solvent extraction (DMCHA, EB, DP) from wet cells 0.099a 0.1a [37]
Yarrowia lipolytica NCIM 3590 Two-stage microbial oil production with in situ oil capturing agents (OCA); Batch fermentation 72 h; 5% glucose 0.166 0.33 Present study
Yarrowia lipolytica NCIM 3590 Oil production with continuous on-line oil capture for 378 h; Fed-batch (5% glucose) addition and OCA regeneration for 5 cycles of 72 h each 0.041 0.33 Present study
  1. nd no data reported
  2. aValues calculated on the basis of data reported
  3. EGenetically modified strain
  4. AAdapted strain