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Table 1 Main components of the liquid fraction from hydrothermal pre-treatment of wheat straw

From: The liquid fraction from hydrothermal pretreatment of wheat straw provides lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases with both electrons and H2O2 co-substrate

Compounda Concentration (g L−1)
Xylose totalb 4.28
Xylose monomeric 0.37
Acetate 1.4
Hydroxymethyl furfural < 0.004
Furfural 0.46
UV-phenolics 2.04
  1. aLF also contained low amounts of glucose (total 0.53 g L−1), arabinose (total 0.34 g L−1), fructose (total 0.27 g L−1), and galactose (total 0.26 g L−1)
  2. bThe total amount of sugars was measured after acid hydrolysis of LF