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Table 1 List of all S. cerevisiae strains and all plasmids used in this study

From: Saccharomyces cerevisiae exhibiting a modified route for uptake and catabolism of glycerol forms significant amounts of ethanol from this carbon source considered as ‘non-fermentable’

Strain Genome modifications References
CBS 6412-13A Swinnen et al. [18]
CBS 6412-13A FPS1 YGLCτ3:: PGK1p-CjFPS1-RPL15At:loxP-ble-loxP This study
CBS DHA YPRCΔ15::ACT1p-DAK1-TPS1t; YPRCτ3::TEF1p-Opgdh-CYC1t; gut1::loxP Aßkamp et al. [27]
CBS DHA FPS1 YPRCΔ15::ACT1p-DAK1-TPS1t; YPRCτ3::TEF1p-Opgdh-CYC1t; gut1::loxP; YGLCτ3::PGK1p-CjFPS1-RPL15At:loxP-ble-loxP This study
Plasmid Relevant characteristics References
p426-SNR52p-gRNA-YGLCτ3-SUP4t-hphMX gRNA targeting YGLCτ3; hygromycin B resistance Klein et al. [24]
pUC18-PGK1p-CjFPS1 CjFPS1 under control of PGK1p and RPL15At Islam et al. [26]
p414-TEF1p-Cas9-CYC1t-nat1 Cas9 from S. pyogenes; nourseothricin resistance Klein et al. [24]