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Table 1 The icariside D2 production using sole glucose and glucose–xylose mixture

From: Metabolic engineering Escherichia coli for efficient production of icariside D2

Parameter BMD10 monoculture BMT23–BMD12 coculture
Carbon source consumed (g/L) 30.20 glucose 16.83 glucose and 4.40 xylose
Maximum OD 7.56 6.58
Growth rate (OD/h) 0.10 0.27
Titer (g/L) 3.59 2.73
Specific productivity (mg/(L·OD)) 37.39 28.43
Yield (mol/mol of sugar) 0.071 0.074
Mass yield (%) 11.89 12.86
  1. Values at 96 h were employed, except for the OD maximum and corresponding growth rates that were achieved at 72 h in monoculture and 24 h in coculture, respectively