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Table 2 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Metabolic engineering Escherichia coli for efficient production of icariside D2

Strain Characteristics Source
E. coli BW25113 lacIqrrnBT14ΔlacZWJ16 hsdR514 ΔaraBADAH33 ΔrhaBADLD78 NBRP-E. coli at NIG
BAK5 BW25113∆ptsG::∆tyrR::∆pykA:: pykF::∆pheA::FRT [29]
BAK10 BAK5Δmao-paa cluster::PlacUV5-aroGfbr-tyrAfbr-aroE [30]
BMT18 BAK10 ΔfeaB::FRT [13]
BMT18(DE3) BMT18 PlacUV5-T7 RNA pol This study
BMT23 BAK10 ΔfeaB::FRT ΔmanZ::chl pLX2 [13]
BMD1 BL21(DE3) pLXD1 This study
BMD2 BL21(DE3) pLXD2 This study
BMD3 BL21(DE3) pLXD3 This study
BMD4 BL21(DE3) pLXD4 This study
BMD5 BL21(DE3) pLXD5 This study
BMD6 BL21(DE3) pLXD6 This study
BMD7 BL21(DE3) pLXD7 This study
BMD8 BL21(DE3) pLXD8 This study
BMD9 BL21(DE3) pLX2 pLXD8 This study
BMD10 BMT18(DE3) pLXD9 This study
BMD11 BL21(DE3) ΔushA::kan ΔxylA::FRT This study
BMD12 BMD11 pLXD2 This study