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Table 3 Plasmids used in this study

From: Metabolic engineering Escherichia coli for efficient production of icariside D2

Plasmid Characteristics Source
pKD46 Red recombinase expression vector; AmpR [45]
pKD3 FRT (FLP recognition target) sites; CmR [45]
pKD4 FRT (FLP recognition target) sites; KanR [45]
pCP20 FLP expression vector; AmpR [45]
pCDFDuet-1 pCDF ori with PT7; SmR Novagen
PGEX-6P-1 colE1 ori with Ptac; AmpR Novagen
pTrc99A colE1 ori with Ptrc; AmpR Novagen
pETDuet-1 colE1 ori with PT7; AmpR Novagen
pACYCDuet-1 p15A ori with PT7; CmR Novagen
pRSFDuet-1 RSF ori with PT7; KanR Novagen
pLXD1 pCDFDuet-1 with RcUGT1 This study
pLXD2 pCDFDuet-1 with RrUGT3 This study
pLXD3 pCDFDuet-1 with RsUGT72B14 This study
pLXD 4 pTrc99A with RrUGT3 This study
pLXD 5 PGEX-6P-1 with RrUGT3 This study
pLXD 6 pETDuet-1 with RrUGT3 This study
pLXD 7 pACYCDuet-1 with RrUGT3 This study
pLXD 8 pRSFDuet-1 with RrUGT3 This study
pLX2 pTrc99a (with deletion of lacI sequence and change from ampR to strR) with synkdc4 [13]
pLXD9 pLX2 with T7-RrUGT3 This study