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Fig. 7

From: Mining the biomass deconstructing capabilities of rice yellow stem borer symbionts

Fig. 7

Annotation, expression and characterization of xylanase from the enriched consortium derived from rice stem borer gut. a Schematic representation of various modules present in the xylanase polypeptide; SP signal peptide, GH10 glycoside hydrolase of family 10, CBM2 carbohydrate-binding modules of family 2. b Cloning of xylanase ORF without the SP in the expression vector pET30a at the NdeI and HindIII restriction sites to derive the expression of xylanase with the help of T7 promoter. c Xylanase protein purification. Lane1, uninduced total cellular protein; lane 2, Induced total cellulase protein and Lane 3, Purified xylanase protein after metal affinity chromatography. d Optimal temperature and e optimal pH for activity of xylanase

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