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Table 4 Architecture of multi-domain CAZymes identified in the rice YSB gut consortium

From: Mining the biomass deconstructing capabilities of rice yellow stem borer symbionts

S. no. YSB contig ORF of the YSB contig Domain architecture of translated proteins
1 c58099_g3_i2 c58099_g3_i2_3 CBM2/CBM3/GH9
2 c65180_g3_i1 c65180_g3_i1_1 AA2/AA2/AA2
3 c66145_g1_i1 c66145_g1_i1_1 CBM20/CBM20/CBM20
4 c61378_g1_i1 c61378_g1_i1_7 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
5 c17840_g1_i1 c17840_g1_i1_6 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
6 c17840_g1_i1 c17840_g1_i1_7 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
7 c17840_g1_i1 c17840_g1_i1_8 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
8 c8173_g2_i1 c8173_g2_i1_1 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
9 c66028_g1_i1 c66028_g1_i1_14 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
10 c61637_g1_i1 c61637_g1_i1_4 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
11 c175818_g1_i1 c175818_g1_i1_1 CE1/CE1
12 c58415_g1_i1 c58415_g1_i1_1 CE1/PL22
13 c15588_g1_i1 c15588_g1_i1_2 AA2/AA2/AA2
14 c61645_g1_i2 c61645_g1_i2_15 CBM13/CBM13
15 c65434_g3_i1 c65434_g3_i1_8 CBM44/CBM44
16 c234089_g1_i1 c234089_g1_i1_4 CBM44/CBM44/CBM44/CBM44
  1. YSB_Contigs: gene sequence obtained as a result of de novo assembly
  2. ORF of the contigs: translated protein from different open reading frame (ORF) of the respective YSB contig