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Table 1 d-Lactate production by microbes utilizing glycerol

From: A simple strategy to effectively produce d-lactate in crude glycerol-utilizing Escherichia coli

StrainOperationSubstrateTiter (g/L)Yield (g/g)Productivity (g/L/h)References
E. coli
 EcoB-140BBatchCrude glycerol100b0.95c1.85dThis study
 EcoB-170Two-doseaCrude glycerol115b0.97c3.29dThis study
 BLac-2106Fed-batchCrude glycerol1050.872.63[15]
 AC-521Fed-batchPure glycerol860.880.97[28]
 B0013-070Fed-batchCrude glycerol1000.752.78[26]
 B0013-080AFed-batchCrude glycerol1200.874.11[27]
Klebsiella pneumoniae
 ATCC25955Fed-batchPure glycerol1420.822.96[28]
  1. aThe batch fermentation was conducted with the administration of two substrate doses
  2. bThe measured titer was the apparent concentration of d-lactate in the fermentation broth
  3. cThe yield based on crude glycerol was calculated by multiplication of the measured titer with the culture volume plus the added volume of the neutralizing solution
  4. dProductivity was calculated by dividing the measured titer with the whole fermentation time (time zero to the end of the fermentation)