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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Engineered Pseudomonas putida KT2440 co-utilizes galactose and glucose

 JE90P. putida KT2440 ∆PP_4740::PtacBXB1int-attBBxB1[17]
 QP603JE90 ∆PP_0545::dgoKADThis work
 QP604JE90 ∆PP_0545::dgoKAD:araABThis work
 QP605QP604 attBBxB1::pQP344This work
 QP606QP604 attBBxB1::pQP345This work
 QP607QP604 attBBxB1::pQP346This work
 QP608QP604 attBBxB1::pQP347This work
 E. coli F’IQE. coli F’IQNEB
 pK18mobsacBpUC origin, KanR, origin of transfer, sacB counter selectable marker[18]
 pJE1045“Cargo” plasmid for chromosomal integration, BxB1 attP, pUC origin, KanR, and Ptac:mNeongreen[17]
 pJE1553pk18mobsacB based, for ∆PP_0545::dgoKAD mutationThis work
 pQP348pk18mobsacB based, for ∆PP_0545::dgoKAD:araAB mutationThis work
 pQP344pJE1045 with PPP_1548:galPppoptThis work
 pQP345pJE1045 with PPP_3079:galPppoptThis work
 pQP346pJE1045 with Plac:galPppoptThis work
 pQP347pJE1045 with Ptac:galPppoptThis work