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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Engineering the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica for production of α-farnesene

pKi-1Yarrowia lipolytica integrative vector, ut8 promoter with CYC1 terminator, Leu2 selection marker[28]
pKi-2Yarrowia lipolytica integrative vector, hp4d promoter with XPR2 terminator, TEF1 promoter with CYC1 terminator, URA3 selection marker[28]
JMP-hygYarrowia lipolytica integrative vector, GPD promoter with XPR2 terminator, Hygromycin B selection marker[28]
114-EXP-FBAYarrowia lipolytica integrative vector, EXP promoter with ICL terminator, FBA promoter with LIP2 terminator, Leu2 selection marker[28]
YLEP-URAYarrowia lipolytica episomal vector, ut8 promoter with CYC1 terminator, URA3 selection marker[28]
pki-AtoB-HMGR-HMGSpKi-2 vector containing codon-optimized AtoB under TEF1 promoter, HMGS under hp4d promoter, and ut8-HMGR (codon-optimized) -CYC1 fragmentsThis study
pKi-1-FSpKi-1 vector containing codon-optimized FSThis study
JMP-hyg-FSERG20JMP-hyg vector containing a fusion gene of codon-optimized FS and ERG20 with GGGS linker between FS and ERG20 (FSERG20)This study
JMP-hyg-FSERG20-IDI-ERG12JMP-hyg-FSERG20 plasmid containing TEF1-ERG12-CYC1 and GPD-IDI-XPR2 fragmentsThis study
114-GPPS-ERG8-ERG19114-EXP-FBA vector containing GPPS, GPD-ERG8-XPR2 and TEF1-ERG19-CYC1 fragmentsThis study
YLEP-URA-FSERG20YLEP-URA vector containing FSERG20This study