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Table 5 Main fatty acid composition of the lipids produced by Y. lipolytica under different culture conditions

From: Enhanced lipid production by Yarrowia lipolytica cultured with synthetic and waste-derived high-content volatile fatty acids under alkaline conditions

Relative fatty acid content (%)Carbon source and initial pH
50 g/L acetic acid at pH 8.03 g/L acetic acid at pH 6.0
Total C16 and C1880.6289.26
 Unsaturated C16-C1860.6171.87
 Palmitic acid (C16:0)10.3713.18
 Palmitoleic acid (C16:1)14.818.55
 Stearic acid (C18:0)9.644.21
 Oleic acid (C18:1)37.1140.82
 Linoleic acid (C18:2)8.3622.5
 Lionlenic acid (C18:3)0.33N.D.
Total C15 and C176.050.95
 Ginkgolic acid (C15:0)0.76N.D.
 Ginkgolic acid (C15:1)3.31N.D.
 Ginkgolic acid (C17:0)0.21N.D.
 Ginkgolic acid (C17:1)1.77N.D.
  1. Some other fatty acids (C14, C20, C22) were also detected in trace amount and were not included in this table