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Table 1 Mutations associated with changes in gene expression

From: Metabolic and evolutionary responses of Clostridium thermocellum to genetic interventions aimed at improving ethanol production

Annotation nameLocus descriptionParentStrainFold-changep-value
89 bp upstream of Clo1313_0099Thiamine pyrophosphate TPP-binding domain-containing proteinLL1036LL10424.330.0017
10 bp upstream of Clo1313_0779Copper amine oxidase-like domain-containing proteinLL1044LL3740.470.0003
81 bp upstream of Clo1313_1055Major facilitator superfamily MFS_1LL1044LL3752.290.0020
8 bp upstream of Clo1313_1397Copper amine oxidase-like domain-containing proteinLL1044LL3740.470.0010
14 bp upstream of Clo1313_1989VTC domainLL345LL3760.520.0001
197 bp upstream of Clo1313_2323ABC transporter relatedLL1044LL3742.520.0005