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Table 2 The expression level of differentially expressed proteins in acetate production from syngas in GS5 compared with G5

From: Microbial insights of enhanced anaerobic conversion of syngas into volatile fatty acids by co-fermentation with carbohydrate-rich synthetic wastewater

NameUp-regulated (fold)Taxonomy assignment
Carbon-monoxide dehydrogenaseA0A1D9FRD2 (16)Clostridium
A0A1G9EJN0 (16)Natronincola
Acetyl-CoA synthaseA0A1D9FLX9 (8.79)Clostridium
A0A1D9FSJ8 (16)Clostridium
5-MethyltetrahydrofolateA0A1D9FMJ4 (16)Clostridium
Formyltetrahydrofolate synthetaseI5AR69 (16)Eubacterium
A0A1M6LF53 (16)Paramaledivibacter
A0A1C0BIW9 (16)Clostridium
A0A1G5JRT7 (16)Alkaliphilus
A0A1D9FM79 (240)Clostridium
A0A1M5S461 (16)Caloranaerobacter