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Table 4 The expression level of differentially expressed proteins in butyrate production in GS5 compared with G5

From: Microbial insights of enhanced anaerobic conversion of syngas into volatile fatty acids by co-fermentation with carbohydrate-rich synthetic wastewater

NameUp-regulated (fold)Taxonomy assignment
Alcohol dehydrogenaseA0A1D9FIQ3 (8.99)Clostridium
T0PGH4 (16)Clostridium
A0A1M4XVX5 (65.518)Alkalibacter
A0A1C5SNP8 (16)Clostridium
Phosphate butyryltransferaseB1CB75 (16)Anaerofustis
A0A1Q9JJJ6 (3.74)Eubacterium
Electron transfer flavoprotein FAD-binding domain proteinB0M9M9 (3.79)Anaerostipes