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Table 4 Model parameters for bubble column bioreactor design and operation during gas fermentation

From: Modeling ethanol production through gas fermentation: a biothermodynamics and mass transfer-based hybrid model for microbial growth in a large-scale bubble column bioreactor

Operation conditions
 Top pressurePa1.52 × 105
 Gas hold-upm3G m−3G+L0.15
 Maximum ethanol concentrationamol m−31304
Bioreactor dimensions
 Aspect ratio3.0
 Overhead space%20
 Height of gas–liquid mixturem16
Relevant gas properties for the mass transfer model (at 37 °C)
m2 s−13.21 × 10−9
2.88 × 10−9
4.55 × 10−9
2.70 × 10−9
Henry’s coefficientc
molS m−3 Pa−10.79 × 10−5
0.72 × 10−5
24.6 × 10−5
  1. aLiquid–vapor equilibria data for the ethanol/water system were estimated using the non-random two-liquid model for calculating activity coefficients (see Additional file 1: Table S3)
  2. bEstimated according to the method presented by Wilke and Chang [84]
  3. cEstimated according to the method presented by Sander [85]