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Table 3 Ash contents present in the biomass of Scenedesmus sp.

From: Semi-quantitative determination of ash element content for freeze-dried, defatted, sulfated and pyrolysed biomass of Scenedesmus sp.

Scenedesmus sp.Content (%)Standard
Freeze-dried biomass (LA)14.32 (± 0.14)aASTM E1755-01
Defatted biomass (DA)14.47 (± 0.30)aASTM E1755-01
Pyrolyzed biomass (PA)16.81 (± 2.47)a, bASTM D7582-15
Sulfated biomass (SA)17.81 (± 0.15)bASTM D3516-89 and Brazilian Pharmacopeia (5.2.10)
  1. Different letters indicate significant difference (p < 0.05) by Tukey test