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Table 2 Composition of liquid and solid fractions of OFMSW hydrolysates

From: Evaluation of organic fractions of municipal solid waste as renewable feedstock for succinic acid production

Components of solid and liquid OFMSW hydrolysate fractionsRange
Total dry weight (g/L)114.17–118.81
Liquid fraction of OFMSW hydrolysate
 Free amino nitrogen (mg/L)203.6–638.7
 Inorganic phosphorus (mg/L)100.6–553
 Kjeldahl protein content (%)1.72–2.86
 Sugars (g/L)31.2–107.3
 Total organic acids (g/L)12.2–22.5
  Lactic acid10.7–18.6
  Acetic acid1.5–3.7
Solid fraction of OFMSW hydrolysate (% dry basis)
 Ash content5.7–25
 Protein content7.0–19.85
 Lipid content6.8–7.6