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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: From Eat to trEat: engineering the mitochondrial Eat1 enzyme for enhanced ethyl acetate production in Escherichia coli

pET26bLacI/T7/This study
pET26b:hWanEat1LacI/T7Codon harmonised eat1 from Wickerhamomyces anomalus DSM 6766[7]
pET26b:hKmaEat1LacI/T7Codon harmonised eat1 from Kluyveromyces marxianus DSM 5422This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1A-4LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at A-4This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 P-9LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at P-9This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 T-15LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at T-15This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 Y-19LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at Y-19This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 S-20LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at S-20This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 R-24LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at R-24This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 F-26LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at F-26This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 N-27LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at N-27This study
pET26b:hKma trEat1 Q-28LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at Q-28This study
pET26b:hKma-trEat1-K30LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at K-30This study
pET26b:hKma-trEat1-P34LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at P-34This study
pET26b:hKma-trEat1-L35LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at L-35This study
pET26b:hKma-trEat1-P36LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at P-36This study
pET26b:hKma-trEat1-I37LacI/T7Kma Eat1 truncated at I-37This study
pET2b:hWan-trEat1-V11LacI/T7Wan Eat1 truncated at V-11This study
pET26b:hWan-trEat1-N13LacI/T7Wan Eat1 truncated at N-13This study
pCas9/ [6]
pTarget/ [6]
pTarget-ackA/ This study
pTarget-ldhA/ This study