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Table 2 Energy consumption of ball milling, and mixing energy during high-solids EH

From: High-solids enzymatic hydrolysis of ball-milled corn stover with reduced slurry viscosity and improved sugar yields

SubstrateMilling energy (MJ kg−1 DM)ReactorHydrolysis conditionsSolids loading (w/w)Mixing energy (MJ kg−1 DM)Glucose yield (%)Refs.
Steam-exploded CSNA5 L, helical impeller7 FPU g−1 DM,
72 h,
120 rpm
20%0.5768 (ethanol)[9]
25%1.3664.8 (ethanol)
30%3.3652.1 (ethanol)
Steam-exploded spruceNA2.5 L, blade impeller20 FPU g−1 glucan,
96 h,
300 rpm
10%~ 1.7~ 58[26]
SO2 + steam-exploded spruceNA3 L, anchor impeller0.1 g CTec2 g−1 DM,
48 h,
10 rpm
10%0.116~ 34[8]
15%0.135~ 28
20%0.272~ 24
Steam-exploded sugarcane bagasseNA3 L, dual-impeller10 FPU g−1 DM,
96 h,
470 rpm
10% (w/v)3.2–7.53~ 60–75[27]
BMCS007 L, helical impeller10 FPU g−1 DM,
48 h,
55 rpm
20%a8.2314.3This study
  1. NA not applicable
  2. a BMCS0 and BMCS10 with 30% solids loading was hard to handle, so the data at 20% were used instead