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Table 1 Fermentation performance of free and encapsulated T18 in YPX with acetic acid

From: Repeated batches as a strategy for high 2G ethanol production from undetoxified hemicellulose hydrolysate using immobilized cells of recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a fixed-bed reactor

 T18-free cellsT18-encapsulated cells
Initial xylose (g/L)40.134.5
Final ethanol (g/L)15.315.8
Residual xylose (g/L)3.90
YP/S (g/g)0.4230.458
QP (g/L/h)0.6381.317
qp (mg/gdrycells/h)12.826.3
Fermentation time (h)2412
  1. Experimental conditions: YPX + 8 g/L acetic acid, initial concentration of 50 gdrycells/L (OD0 = 100), 35 °C, 150 rpm and pH 5.2. Values are triplicates averages, with less than 5% standard error