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Table 2 Initial ethanol and acetic acid concentrations, ethanol production and cell viability during repeated batches with encapsulated T18

From: Repeated batches as a strategy for high 2G ethanol production from undetoxified hemicellulose hydrolysate using immobilized cells of recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a fixed-bed reactor

 Cell Viability (%)100979897989898989798
 [EtOH]0 (g/L)
 [HAc]0 (g/L)0000000000
 [EtOH] (g/L)16.621.424.221.220.924.620.823.323.424.7
 QP (g/L/h)
 Cell viability (%)99989898979898979692
 [EtOH]0 (g/L)
 [HAc]0 (g/L)
 [EtOH] (g/L)16.122.723.825.024.625.825.626.827.527.8
 QP (g/L/h)
 Cell viability (%)99989898989898848172
 [EtOH]0 (g/L)
 [HAc]0 (g/L)7.911.713.313.
 [EtOH] (g/L)15.822.423.823.723.222.923.324.024.024.6
 QP (g/L/h)
 Cell viability (%)99989898989890806661
 [EtOH]0 (g/L)
 [HAc]0 (g/L)10.713.915.516.917.717.717.318.917.917.1
 [EtOH] (g/L)14.215.915.215.915.515.515.316.713.714.7
 QP (g/L/h)
  1. Final cell viability and initial ethanol and acetic acid concentrations in repeated batch fermentations with encapsulated T18 in YPX 40 g/L with different acetic acid concentrations: A—0 g/L; B—4 g/L; C—8 g/L and D—10 g/L (35 °C, DO0 = 100, 50 gdrycells/L, 150 rpm and pH 5.2). Values are triplicates averages, with less than 5% standard error. [EtOH]0 and [HAc]0 correspond to initial accumulated ethanol and acetic acid concentrations, respectively; [EtOH] is the final ethanol concentration and QP is ethanol productivity