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Table 7 Opinion nominal variables

From: Acceptability of genetically engineered algae biofuels in Europe: opinions of experts and stakeholders

Variable nameAnswers
Personal attitude as final consumer
Opinion about being final consumer of GE algae biofuelYes
Do not know
Willingness to pay more money if higher engine performances were achieved compared to established biofuelsYes, < 5%
Yes, 5–10% more
Yes, 10–20% more
Yes, > 20%
Yes, do not know how much more
Willingness to pay more money if environmental advantages were achieved compared to fossil fuels
Suggestions to improve general social acceptance
Regulations before any genome engineered species is implementedYes
Higher or same economic benefits than using fossil fuels
Clear evidence of benefits
Clear communication of risks and benefits of genome engineering technologies
Rigorous risk assessments of GM algae, involving scientists with minimal conflicts of interest, independent peer review, and public participation
Closed production systems with high security standards
Use of genetic markers
Minor survivability compared to natural strains
Use of new precise gene editing tools instead of traditional genome engineering