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Table 1 The comparison of integrated process and typical anaerobic fermentation for BA production

From: A techno-practical method for overcoming the biotoxicity and volatility obstacles of butanol and butyric acid during whole-cell catalysis by Gluconobacter oxydans

StrainSubstrateTime (h)Production (g/L)Productivity (g/L/h)Yield (%)Comparison (%)References
C. tyrobutyricumGlucose7444.00.638Zhang et al. [26]
C. tyrobutyricumGlucose12043.00.44739.3Liu et al. [13]
C. tyrobutyricumSugarcane molasses34.60.6− 1.6Jiang et al. [27]
C. tyrobutyricumFlour hydrolysate5062.81.345+ 111.9Fayolle et al. [28]
C. butyricumWhey4218.60.439− 25.4Vandak et al. [29]
C. butyricumSaccharose307.30.224− 59.3Zigova et al. [30]
G. oxydans (AS-BR)Butanol2430.71.335+ 116.9
G. oxydans (SOS-BR)Butanol2433.21.496+ 133.9
G. oxydans (Integrated process)Butanol60135.32.395+ 283.1
  1. Where time represents bioreactor tank operation time and the productivity is calculated based on 1-L fermentation broth. During comparison, the productivity of BA production from glucose by C. tyrobutyricum is set as 1