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Table 1 The composition of raw vinegar residue based on the absolute dry weight

From: Development of optimal steam explosion pretreatment and highly effective cell factory for bioconversion of grain vinegar residue to butanol

The composition content (g/100 g of raw material)
Glucan25.53 ± 3.76Ash5.92 ± 0.03
Xylan17.08 ± 1.78Soluble protein0.58 ± 0.01
Arabinan5.83 ± 0.11Crude fat11.8 ± 0.01
Lignin24.48 ± 0.06Othera8.98 ± 3.00
  1. aOther mainly represents crude protein (except for soluble protein) and a small quantity of micro-element [16, 17]