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Table 1 Expression of transcription regulators in both types of composts

From: β-Glucosidase genes differentially expressed during composting

  Expression of TN Expression of CN Expression of TI Expression of CI Source
 clrb 17.41 10.11 1.46 2.21 Bacteria
 xlnR 17.82 3.05 12.17 2.79 Fungi
 creA 5.13 33.82 31.58 14.56 Bacteria/fungi
  1. Values represent the number of shared reads in the total metatranscriptome in FPKM (fragments per kilobase of transcript sequence per millions of base pairs sequenced)
  2. TN thermophilic stage in natural compost, CN cooling stage in natural compost, TI thermophilic stage in inoculated compost, CI cooling phase in the inoculated compost