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Table 1 Overview of different ATP-wasting strategies applied in S. cerevisiae

From: ATPase-based implementation of enforced ATP wasting in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for improved ethanol production

  Benisch and Boles [6] Semkiv et al. [14] Semkiv et al. [19] Navas et al. [13] Basso et al. [8] Jensen et al. [15, 21] This study
ATP-wasting strategy ED pathway Futile cycle Alkaline phosphatase Futile cycle Energy-dependent substrate uptake F1-ATPase (β subunit) F1-ATPase (different variants)
Use of F1-ATPase No No No No No Yes Yes
Use of defined (minimal) medium Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detailed data on physiology of strainsa No No No Yes Yes No Yes
Anaerobic cultivation No No No No Yes No Yes
ATP wasting for growth-coupled product formation N.D. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ATP wasting for growth-decoupled product formation N.D. No No No No No Yes
  1. aAvailability of comprehensive data on growth (biomass, growth rate), substrate utilization rates and production formation (titer, yield, and rates). N.D. not determined