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Table 9 List of ancillaries, manufacturers and the consumable materials

From: Physico-chemical assessment of torrefied Eurasian pinecones

Ancillaries Manufacturer
Energy Logger 4000 Voltcraft, Hirschau
Electrical Multifunction Analyser EMA-D9 EMA
Furnace Nabertherm GmbH
Heavy duty cutting Mill SM2000 Retsch GmbH
Weighing machine Mettler Toledo
Thermogravimetry, SII 6300 EXSTAR Seiko Instruments Inc
C2000 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter IKA-WERKE, Staufen,
Elementar (CHNS) Vario MACRO cube
Vertical Autoclave, Certoclav Classic Certoclav Steriliser Gmbh,
HPLC Chromaster 5430 Hitachi
Tungsten (VI) Oxide, WO3 Americanelements
Birch leaf Standard (136621) Elementalmicroanalysis
C18 columns Nucleosil