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Table 1 Commonly used antibiotics and corresponding selectable markers

From: Approaches to genetic tool development for rapid domestication of non-model microorganisms

Antibiotic Marker Class
Kanamycin/neomycin neo Aminoglycoside
Chloramphenicol/thiamphenicol cat Chloramphenicol
Erythromycin ermB, ermF Macrolide
Ampicillin/carbenicillin bla Beta-lactam
Tetracycline tetA Tetracycline
Bleomycin ble Glycopeptide
Gentamicin aacC1 Aminoglycoside
Streptomycin and spectinomycin aadA Aminoglycoside
Zeocin zeo Glycopeptide
Apramycin apr Aminoglycoside
Thiostrepton tsr Cyclic oligopeptide
Puromycin pac Aminonucleoside
Hygromycin hph Aminoglycoside
Nourseothricin nat Aminoglycoside
  1. Native antibiotic resistance levels can vary widely between strains. Therefore, an MIC experiment should be performed with each target organism to determine the level of antibiotic needed for selection.