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Table 4 Zeta potentials and average particle sizes of DA lignin, LS and cellulase

From: Exploring why sodium lignosulfonate influenced enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency of cellulose from the perspective of substrate–enzyme adsorption

SamplesDA ligninDA lignin + LSLSLS + cellulaseCellulase
Zeta potential (mV)− 9.94 ± 0.39a− 16.53 ± 0.21b− 19.90 ± 1.08c− 37.00 ± 2.81d− 0.75 ± 0.18e
Average particle size (nm)1382.92 ± 80.80a1030.49 ± 59.95b87.04 ± 3.77c79.57 ± 2.78d6.28 ± 1.38e
  1. DA lignin + LS means the complex particles of DA lignin and LS in DA lignin suspension after adding LS; LS + cellulase means the complex particles of LS and cellulase in LS solution after adding cellulase
  2. Contrasting letters at superscript position within a row denote a statistically significant difference (P < 0.05). The values following ± were standard deviations. All experiments and assays were performed in triplicate