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Table 1 Whole-cell biocatalysis for hydrogen-dependent CO2 reduction to formate in closed-batch conditions

From: Whole-cell biocatalysis for hydrogen storage and syngas conversion to formate using a thermophilic acetogen

OrganismReaction condition: temperature (°C)Reaction condition: overpressure (MPa)ModeSpecific formate production rate (mmol g−1CDW h−1)Refs.
E. coli (WT)3710Closed-batch bioreactora~15[29]
E. coli (rec. strainb)37Closed-batch (flasks)~0.1[37]
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans (WT)371Closed-batch (flasks)~0.7[39]
A. woodii (WT)301Closed-batch (flasks)~22[14]
T. kivui (WT)301Closed-batch (flasks)~38This study
601Closed-batch (flasks)~152This study
  1. WT wild-type strain
  2. apH-controlled
  3. bRec. strain, recombinant E. coli strain JM109(DE3) overexpressing FDH of Pyrococcus furiosus (FDH_Pyrfu)