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Table 1 T. reesei strains used and generated within this study

From: Disruption of alpha-tubulin releases carbon catabolite repression and enhances enzyme production in Trichoderma reesei even in the presence of glucose

Strains Description or genotypes Reference
PC-3-7 (ATCC 65589) Hyper-secreting mutant 20
X3AB1 amdS+, Δxyn3:: xyn3p-aabgl1 11
C1AB1 amdS+, cbh1p-aabgl1 12
E1AB1 amdS+, egl1p-aabgl1 12
PC-3-7ΔtubB amdS+tubB This study
PC-3-7ΔtubB::Pegl1-aabgl1 amdS+tubB::egl1p-aabgl1 This study