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Table 3 Summary of select genes shown to impact suberin production and structure in plants

From: Importance of suberin biopolymer in plant function, contributions to soil organic carbon and in the production of bio-derived energy and materials

Gene symbol  Plant type Effect on suberin/plant phenotype Reference
AtMYB107, AtMYB9 Arabidopsis thaliana Regulates suberin synthesis in seed coats [116]
ANAC046 Arabidopsis thaliana Regulates suberin accumulation in roots [175]
AtMYB41 Arabidopsis thaliana Regulates for aliphatic suberin synthesis and impacts lamellae structure [118]
DAISY/KCS2, KCS20) Arabidopsis thaliana Biosynthesis of cuticular wax and root suberin. Potentially redundant functions of genes [97, 98]
KCS1 Arabidopsis thaliana Synthesis of very-long-chain fatty acid (VLCFA) products in multiple wax biosynthetic pathways [93]
CYP86A1 Arabidopsis thaliana Aliphatic root suberin biosynthetic enzyme [88]
CYP86B1 Arabidopsis thaliana Suberin aliphatic monomer (very-long-chain saturated α,ω-bifunctional) biosynthetic enzyme [90]
FAR1, FAR4, FAR5 Arabidopsis thaliana Impacts root and seed coat suberin composition (C18:0-OH in far5-1, C20:0-OH in far4-1, and C22:0-OH in far1-1, mutants) [99]
GPAT5 Arabidopsis thaliana Impacts aliphatic suberin quantity in roots and very long chain dicarboxylic acid and ω-hydroxy fatty in seed coats [120]
ABCG2, ABCG6, and ABCG20 Arabidopsis thaliana Impacts effective suberin synthesis/production in roots, seed coats and pollen wall [176]
StNAC103 Potato and Arabidopsis Regulates suberin and wax deposition and formation of tuber apoplastic barriers [177]
QsMYB1 Quercus suber Regulates several biosynthesis and transport genes in suberin and lignin pathways [178]
MdMYB93 Apple When heterologously expressed in tobacco leaves, regulates accumulation of suberin as well as precursors of suberin and lignin [117]
CYP86A33 Potato Enzymatic functionalization of suberin aliphatic compounds at ω-terminal C end in periderm [91]
DSO/ABCG11 Arabidopsis thaliana Impacts suberin composition in roots and cutin biosynthesis aboveground [179]
AchnABF2, AchnMYB4,
AchnMYB41, AchnMYB107
Actinidia chinensis
Regulates suberin biosynthesis genes and suberin monomer accumulation [180]
SUBERMAN (SUB) Arabidopsis thaliana Regulates suberin pathway genes and lamellae formation [51]
LTPG15 Arabidopsis thaliana Transport protein involved in very-long-chain fatty acids transport for suberin production [181]
ASFT (BAHD family) Arabidopsis thaliana Feruloyl transferase impacts suberin-associated ferulate abundance [100]
RWP1 (HHT/BAHD family ) Arabidopsis Reduction of ω-hydroxyacid:hydroxycinnamoyltransferase level/activity reduced ferulate content of suberin. Impacts composition (ferulate) of suberin in root, stem, and seed [101]
FACT Arabidopsis Impacts alkyl caffeate levels in suberized tissues [4]
FHT Potato Impacts ferulate esters levels, altered developmental and water permeability properties [103]
PtFHT1 Populus Heterologous expression in Arabidopsis results in higher root ferulate levels but not p-coumarate [104]
THT (tyramine N-hydroxycinnamoyltransferase) Tobacco, Potato, Pepper Enzymatic synthesis of feruloyltyramine [105,106,107,108]
ABCG1 Arabidopsis and Potato Impacts suberin barrier formation in roots and tuber periderm (potato) and accumulation of suberin precursors [112, 113]
At2g28670/ (esb1 mutant) Arabidopsis thaliana Increased suberin levels in roots of loss-of-function mutant [22]
AtMYB92  Arabidopsis Regulates fatty acid and suberin biosynthetic genes and production of suberin monomers in tobacco leaf assays [182]
SGN3 Arabidopsis Receptor-like kinase with role in membrane microdomain formation in endodermis impacts Casparian strip formation and lacks parallel enhancement in suberin deposition as a compensation mechanism [183]
ShMYB78 Sugarcane Shown as activator of suberin production in heterologous assay [119]