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Table 1 Number of significantly different variables (|p(CORR)|≥ 0.5) between the PttVAP27-17 overexpressed lines and the WT of the greenhouse-grown trees on the basis of the first globally joint component of the OnPLS analysis

From: Overexpression of vesicle-associated membrane protein PttVAP27-17 as a tool to improve biomass production and the overall saccharification yields in Populus trees

Analytical platform Total number of variables Number of variables significantly down-regulated in transgenic lines compared to WT Number of variables significantly up-regulated in transgenic lines compared to WT
Transcriptomics 26,444 2105 2616
Proteomics 928 2 85
Metabolites (UHPLC–MS) 992 37 101
Metabolites (Py–GC/MS) 109 2 5
Metabolites (GC–MS) 213 2 30