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Table 2 Classes of clusters of ions (complete spectra of thin plate spline and tray-corrected ions, clustered by Spearman’s rank correlation complete linkage hierarchical clustering) annotated for cell wall composition relevance

From: Accurate determination of genotypic variance of cell wall characteristics of a Populus trichocarpa pedigree using high-throughput pyrolysis-molecular beam mass spectrometry

Cluster class (EK#) Number of ions Annotations
0 79 Phenolics, lignin dimers
1 103 Lignin dimers, large mass noise
2 40 Low and moderate mass noise
3 32 Low and high mass noise
4 58 G-lignin
5 50 Carbohydrates
6 34 S-lignin
7 25 Lignin, carbohydrate, and phenolic fragments, moderate mass noise