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Fig. 4

From: High oil accumulation in tuber of yellow nutsedge compared to purple nutsedge is associated with more abundant expression of genes involved in fatty acid synthesis and triacylglycerol storage

Fig. 4Fig. 4

Transcript levels for RubisCO bypass and pyruvate generation. a Temporal changes in transcript levels for RubisCO small and large subunits. b Phylogenetic tree of tuber RbcS with other plant RbcS isoforms. Phylogenetic analyses were conducted in software DNAMAN v8.0. Trees were constructed using Maximum Likelihood method based on the Jones-Taylor-Thornton (JTT) matrix model. Bootstrap value percentages representing probability of 1000 replicates are indicated at the nodes. The GenBank accession number of each RbcS isoform is shown in bracket. Plants: At, Arabidopsis thaliana; Bn, Brassica napus; Ce, Cyperus esculentus; Gm, Glycine max; Lj, Lotus japonicus; Nt, Nicotiana tabacum; Os, Oryza sativa; Sm, Selaginella moellendorffii; Si, Setaria italica; Sl, Solanum lycopersicum; Vv, Vitis vinifera. c Transcript levels for malate and pyruvate metabolism enzymes

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