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Table 2 Operation workflow and microbe details

From: Using techno-economic modelling to determine the minimum cost possible for a microbial palm oil substitute

Yeast-related properties
Mode of operation Draw-fill
Maximum DCW (g/L) 185
Lipid content (% w/w) 60.4
Lipid productivity (g/L/h) 1.6
Temperature (°C) 30
Workflow details
 Working volume (m3) 800
 Clean-in-place (h) 3
 Uploading/unloading time (m3/h) 100
 Fermentation (h) 672
 Harvest volume (% v/v) 30%
 Number of harvests 27
Plant operation details
 Plant operation (h/year) 8400
 Number of fermentations/year 10
 Run time per cycle (h/cycle) 820.6
 Mass of microbial oil (t/year) 8052.47