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Table 2 List of parameters in the model for mixotrophic growth co-limited by nitrogen and phosphorus

From: Optimisation of microalgal cultivation via nutrient-enhanced strategies: the biorefinery paradigm

Type Symbol Parameter description Value Units References
Associated to growth µmax Maximum specific growth rate 0.106 h−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
qN,0 Minimum nitrogen quota 0.877 gN gC−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
qP,0 Minimum phosphorus quota 0.016 gPO4 gC−1 This work
Ks,A Acetate saturation constant 1.789 gC L−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
ki,A Acetate inhibition constant 0.110 gC L−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
Ks,I Light saturation constant 1.4 µmol m−2 s−1 Mairet et al. [53]
ki,I Light inhibition constant 186.5 µmol m−2 s−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
YX/A Acetate yield coefficient 0.059 gC gC−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
Ϭ Light attenuation coefficient 1 L gC−1 m−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
Associated to N and P -uptake ρN,max Maximum N uptake rate 44.01 gN gC−1 h−1 This work*
K* Saturation constant, No 0.300 gN L−1 This work*
n Shape-controlling parameter 14.54 This work*
ФN N Uptake regulation coefficient 143.9 L gC−1 This work*
Ks,N Uptake saturation constant, N 0.163 gN L−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
ki,N Uptake inhibition constant, N 0.113 gN L−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
Ks,A:N Uptake saturation constant, A:N 1.004 gC L−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
ki,A:N Uptake inhibition constant, A:N 1.098 gC L−1 Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]
KP P quota supporting N uptake 0.057 gPO4 gC−1 This work
ρP,max Maximum P uptake rate 21.10 gPO4 gC−1 h−1 This work
Ks,P Uptake saturation constant, P 2.299 gPO4 L−1 This work
ki,P Uptake inhibition constant, P 0.004 gPO4 L−1 This work
Associated to starch and lipid formation r1 Starch formation rate (R1) 0.058 gC gC−1 This work*
Ks,S Saturation constant (R1) 0.000 gN L−1 This work*
ki,S Inhibition constant (R1) 0.205 gN L−1 This work*
nS Shape parameter (R1) 4.17 This work*
k1 Regulation constant (R1) 0.108 This work*
ФS Regulation coefficient (R1) 0.775 L gC−1 This work*
r2 Starch degradation rate (R2) 0.005 gC gC−1 This work*
ksat,S Starch saturation constant (R2) 0.018 This work
r3 Lipid formation rate (R3) 0.191 gN gC−1 h−1 This work*
Ks,L Saturation constant (R3) 0.012 gN L−1 This work*
ki,L Inhibition constant (R3) 0.091 gN L−1 This work*
nL Shape parameter (R3) 2.01 This work*
k2 Regulation constant (R3) 0.153 This work*
ФL Regulation coefficient (R3) 0.000 L gC−1 This work*
r4 Lipid degradation rate (R4) 0.007 gN gC−1 h−1 This work*
ksat,L Lipid saturation constant (R4) 0.079 This work
  1. * Parameter values were re-identified from those established in Figueroa-Torres et al. [42]