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Table 1 Fermentation conditions performed in this study

From: Characterization of simultaneous uptake of xylose and glucose in Caldicellulosiruptor kronotskyensis for optimal hydrogen production

Name Cultivation conditions
Case A 10 g·L−1 xylose
Case B 10 g·L−1 cellobiose
Case C 10 g·L−1 glucose
Case D 2 g·L−1 glucose and 12 g·L−1 xylose
Case E 3 g·L−1 glucose and 9 g·L−1 xylose
Case F 9 g·L−1 glucose and 3 g·L−1 xylose
Case G 7.3 g·L−1 glucose and 3.4 g·L−1 xylose
Case H 7.3 g·L−1 cellobiose and 3.4 g·L−1 xylose
Case I 5 g·L−1 cellobiose and 5 g·L−1 glucose