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Table 2 The specific activity of enzyme preparation

From: Rational engineering of xylanase hyper-producing system in Trichoderma reesei for efficient biomass degradation

  Protein concentration (mg/mL) FPase (U/mL) pNPGase (U/mL) Xylanase (U/mL) pNPXase (U/mL)
Cellulasea 2.56 3.93 3.72 93.93 0.78
Xylanaseb 2.22 1.57 1.80 4298.24 7.37
  1. aThe commercial cellulase used in this study is purchased from Sunson (NingXia, China)
  2. bThe xylanase cocktail was produced by culturing C30OExyr1/xyn2Δcbh1 in Avicel medium for 5 days