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Table 4 Multi-objective optimization in biodiesel production

From: An overview to process design, simulation and sustainability evaluation of biodiesel production

Feedstock Catalyst Objectives Optimization method Simulation tool Optimization tool Refs.
Sunflower oil Alkali Product purity and energy consumption MOGA Aspen PLUS modeFRONTIER [83]
Waste canola oil Acid Profit and waste Multi-objective Simulated
Annealing Algorithm (MOSA)
Apen HYSYS and SustainPro ENVOPExpert [84]
Vegetable oil Alkali Profit, product purity, yield and energy consumption NSGA Matlab [85]
Waste cooking oil Alkali, acid Profit, energy consumption and organic wastes NSGA Aspen PLUS Excel worksheet with Visual Basic Application (VBA) [79]
Soybean oil Alkali Economic, environmental, social MOGA SuperPro Designer Matlab [80]
Waste cooking oil Alkali Profit, fixed capital investment and organic wastes MODE-TL Aspen HYSYS Excel worksheet with Visual Basic Application (VBA) [82]