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Table 1 Overview of budding yeast growth assessment on agar plates and liquid cultures using different polysaccharides

From: CAZyme prediction in ascomycetous yeast genomes guides discovery of novel xylanolytic species with diverse capacities for hemicellulose hydrolysis

  1. Growth was scored by visual comparison to a negative control plate not containing a carbon source and by the difference in colony thickness and size (including hyphae, if present)
  2. Growth was ranked from + to +++, where + was regular growth and +++ extensive growth, while W indicates weak growth and − no growth. Growth after 72 h in liquid cultures > OD = 0.2 is indicated by a green color
  3. AX, arabinoxylan; GX, glucuronoxylan; GluMan, glucomannan; GalMan, galactomannan; Poly-MeGal, poly-methylgalacturonan; CMC, carboxymethyl cellulose; Saccharom., Saccharomycetaceae; Lipomyc., Lipomycetaceae
  4. figurea