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Table 2 Xylanolytic CAZyme predicted from whole-genome sequenced xylanolytic yeasts

From: CAZyme prediction in ascomycetous yeast genomes guides discovery of novel xylanolytic species with diverse capacities for hemicellulose hydrolysis

Clade Species CE (332/332) GH3 (263/332) GH5 (324/332) GH10(5/332) GH11 (1/332) GH30 (11/332) GH43 (22/332) GH51 (39/332) GH62 (1/332) GH67 (4/332) GH115 (28/332) Total
Trichomonascaceae Sp. europaea CE1, CE4, CE15 GH3(11) GH5_5(2), GH5_9(2), GH5_12(2), GH5_22(4), GH5_49 GH10(2)   GH30_5, GH30_7 GH43_14, GH43_24 GH51   GH67 GH115(3) 36
Su. lignohabitans CE1(2), CE4(3), CE15 GH3(5) GH5_9(2), GH5_12(2), GH5_22(2), GH5_49 GH10(2)   GH30_7   GH51    GH115 23
B. peoriensis CE1, CE4 GH3(15) GH5_9(3), GH5_12(2), GH5_22(5), GH5_49 GH10   GH30_3(3)   GH51     33
B. mokoenaii CE1, CE4 GH3(8) GH5, GH5_5, GH5_7(2), GH5_9(2), GH5_12, GH5_22(2), GH5_49   GH11 GH30_5, GH30_7 GH43_6, GH43_24 GH51(3) GH62 GH67 GH115(2) 32
B. adeninivorans CE1, CE4(2) GH3(8) GH5_9(3), GH5_12(2), GH5_44, GH5_47    GH30_3 GH43_6 GH51   GH67   22
B. proliferans CE1(2), CE4 GH3(12) GH5_5(3), GH5_9(2), GH5_12, GH5_31, GH5_49    GH30_3   GH51(3)     27
B. serpentis CE1, CE4 GH3(5) GH5, GH5_9(3), GH5_12, GH5_22, GH5_49    GH30_3(2)   GH51(2)     18
B. raffinosifermentans CE1, CE4(2), CE5(6) GH3(9) GH5_9(3), GH5_12(2), GH5_49    GH30_3 GH43_6 GH51   GH67   27
CUG-Ser1 Spa. passalidarum CE1, CE4(2) GH3(9) GH5, GH5_9(3), GH5_22, GH5_49         GH115 19
Sc. lignosus CE1, CE4, GH3(7) GH5_5, GH5_9(3), GH5_12, GH5_22(2), GH5_49 GH10(2)        GH115 20
Sc. stipitis CE1, CE4, GH3(7) GH5_9(2), GH5_12, GH5_22 (3), GH5_49 GH10        GH115 17
Phaff. W. canadensis CE1(3), CE4 GH3(5) GH5_9(2), GH5_12, GH5_22, GH5_49          14
  1. CAZyme families marked in bold are unique enzymes to the species within the 332-yeast dataset. Total number of species containing each CAZyme family is marked by (x/332). Copy number of each enzyme is stated in parenthesis next to the enzyme
  2. CE carbohydrate esterase, GH glycoside hydrolase, Phaff. Phaffomycetace