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Table 1 Online databases for sorghum genome

From: SorGSD: updating and expanding the sorghum genome science database with new contents and tools

Name URL/description PubMed ID
Comprehensive genome databases and analysis platforms
 Phytozome [18]
Plant genome database portal and analysis platform 22110026
 Gramene [19]
Plant genome database portal and analysis platform 33170273
 GOLD [20]
Genomes online database 33152092
Sorghum included plant secondary databases
 PIGD [21]
A database for intronless genes in Poaceae 25270086
 PlantTFDB [22]
A database of plant transcription factors 27924042
 DNApod [23]
DNA polymorphism annotation database 28234924
 PceRBase [24]
A database of plant competing endogenous RNA 28053167
 PtRFdb [25]
A database for plant tRNA-derived fragments 29939244
 GreenPhylDB [26]
A comparative pangenomic database for plant genomes 33237299
Sorghum specific secondary databases
Sorghum transcriptome database 25505007
 SorGSD [31]
Sorghum SNP database 26884811
 PGSB [28]
Plant genome and systems biology 26527721
 SorghumFDB [29]
A database for sorghum functional genomics 27352859
 Sorghum QTL Atlas [30]
Tool for searching QTL landscape in sorghum 30343386
 Sorghum genomics N/A
Functional Gene Discovery Platform for Sorghum