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Table 5 Properties of the four highly expressed alcohol dehydrogenases from Thermoanaerobacter sp. strain X514, towards their role in alcohol production

From: Alcohol dehydrogenases AdhE and AdhB with broad substrate ranges are important enzymes for organic acid reduction in Thermoanaerobacter sp. strain X514

  1. n.d. not determined. Protein production: + , present. * Not possible to discriminate between AdhA and AdhA0564 (cross-reactivity of anti-His-AdhA to Adh0564His). Thermostability at 65 °C ++ , no activity decrease for 2 h; + , T1/2 2 h; –, T1/2 < 10 min
  2. Gene expression (fold change vs. gyrA): light green >50; dark green >50. Specific activities (U mg−1): light green <1, middle green 1-10, dark green >10. Affinities (Km in mM): light green <1, middle green 0,1-1, dark green <0,1.