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Table 3 Assignments of 13C–1H correlation signals in the 2D-HSQC NMR spectra from lignin

From: Elucidation of ligninolysis mechanism of a newly isolated white-rot basidiomycete Trametes hirsuta X-13

Signals δCH Assignments
Bβ 52.19/3.54 Phenylcoumaran (B)
Cβ 55.98/3.37 Cβ–Hβ in resinol (C)
MeO 56.23/3.72 C–H in methoxyls
Iγ 63.65–65.41/3.88–3.97 Cγ–Hγ in cinnamyl alcohol end-groups (I)
Aγ 62.48/3.45 Cγ–Hγ in phenylglycerol (A)
Aβ 75.89/3.50 Cβ–Hβ in phenylglycerol (A)
Aα 77.70/4.39 Cα–Hα in phenylglycerol (A)
Cγ 71.34/3.79 Cγ–Hγ in resinol (C)
S2,6 106.64/7.23 C2,6–H2,6 in syringyl units (S)
G2 115.58/6.82 C2–H2 in guaiacyl units (G)
G5 115.48/6.81 C5–H5 in guaiacyl units (G)
G6 115.49/6.80 C6–H6 in guaiacyl units (G)
FA2 111.14/7.19 C2–H2 in ferulate (FA)
pCA 115.39/6.67 C–H in p-coumarates (pCA)
FA6 127.36/7.38 C6–H6 in ferulate (FA)
H2,6 129.17/7.87 C2,6–H2,6 in p-hydroxyphenyl units (H)